Sunday, January 15, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not... Or how my dogs devoured deer legs in an hour....

If you're of the faint of heart regarding hunting and animals in general, tune out now.

Glad you're still here! So it's still hunting season here in MS. That means Sunday Morning is hunting time in my house. Jeff came home today with 5 deer legs. Fur and all. Gross, yeah, a little. I skinned them (I'm a badass chick with a knife) and popped them in some boiling water for a few seconds to sterilize the outside. Just to get the nasties off. Took all 5 outside, hooves attached, and let the fur-kids at them. If I had actual kids I might have some sort of regard for my dogs actually being a difference species but fact o' the matter is, they are my kids and have a better life than most actual homosapien children.

So I went about washing dishes (a necessary evil of spending about 24 total hours making a mess in the kitchen) and about 20 minutes later went to check on them. HOLY SHIT BALLS! Those dogs devoured like everything. There were a few long bones left. Hooves? GONE! Joints? GONE! Charlotte? Territorial as hell! It was hilarious!

We left them out there for awhile. I find solace in the fact that although an animal gave it's life, we are very good about honoring it and using everything we can. I think that's my thought of the day. Honor your food. If it's from the ground or had a heartbeat... just honor it. Make it special and realize what a gift honest food is. No preservatives. No processing. Just raw nature. Natural food is a gift we should all learn to appreciate a bit more. I know tonight as my dogs are sprawled across the living room floor in blissful and joyful sleep, they are appreciating nature and honoring their delicious treats of the day!

Damn, I wish I was my dog...


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