Saturday, July 7, 2012

Like A Mango Boss

I keep complaining about how HOT it is in Mississippi. Well, I suppose since the rest of our nation is in the throws of some bizzare heat wave I should share a favorite cooling off recipe. Plus I am the proud inventor of the "Boss Redneck Chalice" that I want to show off.

Fresh Mangos are so incredibly good this year. Sweet and earthy. I love fresh fruit. Keep in mind this recipe can substitute any fruit you have fresh and local but canned doesn't so much taste good.

1 Fresh Mango (about 1 1/5 cups if you're using something else)
5 tea bags of your choice - I like decaf pekoe
1 cup local honey - or more if you like sweet

Boil 5 cups of water with the tea bags for about 10 minutes. Turn off and set aside to cool.
Dice the fruit into about pea sized pieces.
Place fruit into a sauce type pan. Add about a cup of water and boil down until it's soft and mushy.
Add in honey, remove from heat, mix up really well to incorporate and melt everything together. A few chunks are ok but you want to remove the majority of them and squish them up.

Fill a pitcher with ice. Pour the tea over the ice, removing the tea bags. Pour in the fruit mixture. Stir everything together.

Drink up! Add vodka for a nice happy day touch, although alcohol can dehydrate you so be safe out there.

Now to show off my crowning achievement! Next to the Chalice is a regular drinking mug. Yeah, it's that big.

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